Why should I purchase pharmaceutical from India ?

If you are looking at re-exporting you should know that:

1. More than 95% of the products in India are labelled in English.

2. India has a large and established pharmaceutical market with many multinational companies, trade and wholesale companies. Products are easily available and yet prices are comparatively low. Many multinational pharmaceutical companies carry US/EU FDA or WHO approved facilities, allowing you to offer quality products.

Do you supply products other than those on your product page ?

Our line of products is extensive and we cannot provide the full list of products we can offer. With our network we are able to source almost any product required by our clients. Please contact us with your requirements.

Where does Gaia Trade deliver to ?

We can deliver to any country in the world. For wholesalers and trade companies who are not licensed to import products into their country, we can provide importation services using our partners in many countries.

How long are your product’s expiry dates ?

Unless the client asks for a better specification, we provide a minimum of 15 months until the expiry date. In the event of a product carrying a shorter shelf life, we will inform the client prior to his purchase or the delivery.

What kind of Temperature Monitors does Gaia Trade use ?

We use temperature monitors manufactured by the German company ebro.com. We carry a third party calibration certification, and calibration is conducted every six months by a third party. We also carry back-up monitors to ensure correct reading on a daily basis.

Each consignment can be equipped by request with single use data logger to ensure that the correct temperature was maintained during transit.

Where is your pharmaceutical wholesale storage facility and how large is it ?

Our pharmaceutical warehouse unit is located in Goa and comprises approximately 70 sqm. We only carry stock as per customer orders and never carry any surplus stock. This ensures products of better quality, longer shelf-life and up-to-date batches.

How do you package your products ?

All our products are packaged following the international shipping standard. All packages are bar-coded under the international bar-coding system (www.GS1.org). All export cartons are labelled, coded and plastic-wrapped to provide full protection whilst maintaining a minimum weight.

Do you provide Drop Ship service ?

We partner with an established and respected drop ship company located in Europe, to ensure fast delivery and short exposure in transit.

What are the payment terms ?

Payment is required in full in prior to delivery. For trade customers with whom we have a long-term relationship, we can provide a Letter of Credit service for large orders.

What other services does Gaia Trade offer ?

Import of pharmaceutical products which are in short supply to the Indian market.

Sourcing of pharmaceutical products worldwide, as well as shipping worldwide.

We offer a “suppliers invoice cleaning service,” and product examination using a bonding house.

Why Gaia Trade as a Pharmaceutical Partner ?

We are a well-established company.

We guarantee our sources’ authenticity.

We will meet your quality requirements.

We have an extensive network in India and worldwide and can source most of your pharmaceutical requirements at very competitive rates whilst maintaining high quality throughout.

Using our International network we can deliver the products to your warehouse without you needing to deal with any import bureaucracy.

What kind of shipping terms do you offer ?

From Exwork to DD.

We use freight forwarding and courier services.

Which courier service do you use ?

We use DHL and Blue Dart for global delivery, as well as EMS and professional couriers for local (within India) delivery.

Can you provide insurance ?

Yes, but insurance is optional, so please let us know about your needs prior to delivery.

What is your ETA ?

It may take about 2 weeks from our confirmation date: it takes up to a week for products to arrive to our warehouse and a couple of days for us to examine the products and have them ready for shipping.

Who are Gaia Trade’s Clients ?

Wholesale licensed companies, international trade companies, online pharmacies, hospitals, government bodies, NGO’s, and health organisations.

Do you deal only with pharmaceuticals ?

No, we also trade in other food and supplement products, but the main part of our business is pharmaceuticals.

What if I just need some advice ?

Please do not hesitate to ask us any question. You can use our contact form.

Why should we trust you ?

Trust can take years to build and a second to break

Each client has his or her own needs; it is therefore vital that know what your concerns are and what is important for you. We will only serve you if we are able to completely fulfill your requirements.

What kind of payment methods do you accept ?

We accept Advance Payment and Letter(s) of Credit.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept transactions using western union.

How can we know your products are genuine ?

For genuine products you need genuine suppliers.

We only work with suppliers that can provide us with product pedigrees.

All of our suppliers are thoroughly checked and vetted beofe we enter into a business relationship with them.

In addition, before approving a supplier we make sure they are established with many years in the market. We check their cooperation certificate, and their pharmaceutical wholesale license (WDL), to ensure they match and and are valid.

Suppliers’ (and clients’) licenses are also checked on regular basis following the specific SOP for their area.

Finally, it is our policy to always try first to buy products directly from manufacturers.

We have very few selected suppliers.

What is my guarantee that the delivery will come after the payment is made ?

We only work with bank transactions – not cash or Western Union. The Indian foreign trade law is very strict; after each transaction we have to show the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) the reason for the transfer (Pro-forma Invoice) as well as actual delivery of the same (AWB).

Plus, we value long-term business and want to establish good, long-term relationships with our clients.

Be assured as well: we will return all your money in any case we cannot make delivery.

Can I import products from India ?

It depends on your country’s regulations; the fastest way to find out is to speak with your freight forwarder. Otherwise, we can often help: just contact us for more information regarding your destination.

What if the details on the documents are wrong ?

We have a less than 1% incidence of errors in our documentation process; nevertheless, we will of course revise the documents if a correction is needed.

What products can you offer us ?

We are licensed to export and import wholesale pharmaceutical products which belong to Schedule C and C1 category.

Why should I work with Gaia Trade ?

International standards at affordable prices.

Collaboration platform, hi-tech communication.

Licensed U.S. pharmacist on site.

Multi-cultural and very international team.

Trust, Honesty, Integrity and Social Responsibility.

It is our goal, and our responsibility, that you feel in control on your order.

Can you drop ship products on our behalf ?

Not against prescription, and only if the request is being made and invoiced to a wholesale licensed company.

If you wish, we can arrange a drop shipping service from one of our trusted global partners.

What temperature are the goods store at ?

All products are stored between 15 to 25 degrees C., unless another temperature is instructed by manufacturers.

We offer this service until our products reach our client’s destination worldwide.

We guarantee the temperature by using special German made calibrated data loggers and a backup generator.

We use temperature control truck services as well as temperature control flights. We include a kinetic signal use data logger to consignments.

Do you deliver vaccines or other temperature sensitive products ?


What size of shipment can you handle ?

From 1 unit/mg to 2 tons.

Can we order different products in one consignment ?

This is our specialty: one shipment can include different products, quantities, and manufacturers.

Do you comply with the international standard of labeling/packaging ?

Yes, we are licensed by GS1 and follow their instructions regarding labeling.

What is your procedure in case of a recall ?

We follow the EU GDP guideline as well as the Indian guidelines; we make sure our recall SOP covers all aspects to comply with authorities as well as our global clients’ or suppliers’ requirements.

What kind of security do you have ?


We have CCTV covering the full premises running 24/7.

There is a security guard present 24/7.

We use a special truck seal and follow up with the receiver to guarantee that consignments are not tampered with during transit.

I need to do Risk Assessments, will you help ?


Still have a question ?

Contact us.