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Best Pharma Companies in India – India comes under one of the third largest medicinal industry in the whole world related to its volume. It is considered as 13th biggest medicine industry according to the volume. And all the companies are earning good amount of money in this business. So, if you are also thinking to connect yourself with this business and looking for the best pharma companies in India, here you are at right place. Now you don’t need to search further for the best pharmaceutical companies in India.

Talking about Pharma companies then the pharmaceutical sector is growing at a rapid speed in India and the demand for pharma companies is everywhere. Even at the time of recession too, the pharmaceutical sector is the only business which does not get affected in India. So, here has a list of top pharma companies which you can choose as your business.

List Of Best Pharma Companies In India 2017

As we all know pharmacy companies or pharma companies play a major role in our day to day life and that is the reason, we have brought up the best pharma companies in India for you. You can any of them mentioned below.


Cipla is a pharma company which was founded by Dr. K.A. Hamied in the year 1935. The company is currently considered as one of the largest medicinal and biotechnology Multi National Company of India.

  • The medicine is mainly for the cure of diseases like obesity, depression, arthritis, Cardiovascular diseases as well as the diabetes are made of this company called Cipla.
  • It is a best pharmaceutical company which is famous all around the world.


Abbott in India’s broad pharmaceutical portfolio provides the full range of healthcare medicines for all stage of life.

  • The big brand Abbott provides the high quality, affordable products.
  • The company is famous all over the world and considered as the best pharma company.


Mankind is again the best pharmaceutical company which is famous all over India.

  • The company takes care of all the needs of customers.
  • Mankind company provides the products at an affordable cost.
  • The company is considered as the top 4 leading pharma companies in India.

Sun Pharma

Sun Pharma is considered as the fourth largest pharmaceutical company in the world. The company is famous for its best quality of medicines.

  • The Sun Pharma company provides the high quality of medicines to its customers.
  • They provide the medicines at very affordable and low rates.
  • The company is trusted by healthcare professionals and patients in over 150 countries.


The headquarters of lupin limited is located in Mumbai. It is an international pharma company.

  • The company is one of the best-rising companies as it provides all kind of medicines.
  • Lupin is the pharma company which deals with the cardiology, oncology, central nervous system, anti-asthma, anti-infective and diabetology treatment.
  • The big brand Lupin pharma company is famous all around the world.



Alkem is again the best pharma company. The company has developed a portfolio of more than 700 brands of generic drugs.

  • The company provides the best quality of medicines and products to their consumers.
  • Alkem company provides which all types of anti-invectives; gastrointestinal; pain and analgesics; and vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.


Well, Pharma is one of the most aspiring and best field to choose as a business opportunity. It has a lot of scopes in the future. These above mentioned are some of the best pharma companies in India which you can choose as your Pharma carrier. So, go ahead and choose any of the company. We hope, we provided you the best information regarding the pharma companies in India. For more, you can visit our official website.

Connect yourself with the Pharma company and avail all the good benefits for your upcoming future.

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