Affordable and Timely Procurement!


“Now by noon I send all of my recruitments, and I know my order is taken care of, it doesn’t matter what the size it is, my supplier has my back.”

Find out how our client Ali minimized procurement time and got superior quality products.

The Challenge:

One of our clients Ali, who resides in Somalia, was dealing with a lot of trouble trying to outsource products at an affordable rate. He spent a great deal of time on the Internet trying to find the best solution, but the vendors asked for a lot of money and in return did not provide quality products. He tried purchasing a few products from each vendor, but this got tedious later on since he could not manage everything.

In his pursuit of a reliable vendor, he stumbled upon Gaia Trade. We swooped in and offered to take care of all the procuring he needed to carry out from India.

Our Solution:

Since Mr. Ali wanted a comprehensive service, we sent him immediately to our trusted suppliers. We were really quick in assisting him, we got back to him within 2 days with 95% of the products he required. Using our SAP system, we added our handling fees in a short span of 5 minutes. After this, we sent him the PI for approval.

Once he approved the PI and the payment was issued, we then started the procedure of supplying the products. While assimilating the products in our warehouse, our employees ensured that each product was scrutinized to ensure there were no damages. After that was done in accordance with his requirements, all of the products were cautiously packed in superior quality export boxes. The products were delivered to him in about a week’s time.

The Result:

Our client Mr. Ali greatly benefited from our services. He saves about 4,000 USD every month as he shipped all the products from a single supplier. He no longer needs to negotiate or deal with multiple suppliers. He now has time to take care of the quality of his warehouse and look after the few pending products.

Key Achievements:

  • Adept at providing clients with the required quantity of products.
  • Every product goes through supervision to ensure there is no disruption in the product.
  • Establishing a vast network of major Indian manufacturers.
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