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“After few orders I realize how much I can trust my supplier, now I send all of my Indian requirements to them. I ended up saving money for my company, it reduced my shipping cost significantly. I don’t have to commit to any minimum quantities, I can just buy as many as I want and keep my stock fresh, my boss is happy with me”

Discover how Silvia increased her profit by choosing us for all her Indian pharma specific brands and generic requirement.

The Challenge:

Silvia is our client from Turkey, she works for an online pharmacy. Her main issue was that she needed products from famous companies like Cipla, Sun Pharma, and Glenmark. Although, she required only a few units as she does not like to stock up products. She is also a mother who actively takes care of her children as well. But, her work was preventing her from spending enough time with her family. She wanted a one-stop solution for her needs. She wanted to get all the products in one go, without having any surplus quantities.

We helped her in achieving the same through our services.

Our Solution:

First and foremost, we established a transparent channel of communication with Silvia. We shared our ‘WhatsApp’ number and Skype details. As a result of this, she could contact us any time of the day to discuss her queries and concerns.

Silvia usually sends us the Request for quotation (RFQ) on Fridays, our manager arrives to work by 8:30 and by now even they know that they have to work on Silvia’s requirements. Usually, by the second half of Monday, we have all the products sorted for her. The export manager then emails her and the follow up is carried out through Whatsapp.

If Silvia requires any additional products, she informs us through Skype. We have a flexible purchase list in which the products can be added or they can be transferred to the next order in case we are closing down on the deadline.

The Results:

Silvia does not worry about dealing with multiple suppliers anymore. Also, she has ample amount of time to spend with her family, and her boss is happy with her as well. By hiring us, she can manage everything, she does not have to stock products in large quantities anymore. She saves about 2% in wasted purchase produced. By minimizing the numbers of suppliers, she saves on multiple shipping costs, about 6,000 USD each month.

Key Achievements:

  • Working according to the individualistic demands of the clients, which enables us to offer them the actual rate of shipping.
  • Provide temperature controlled delivery solutions.
  • Sharing a good relationship with most big manufacturers of India.
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