Outsource Manufacturing for Better Profits!


“Thank you Gaia-Trade, it was easier then I thought.”

Discover how Kate outsourced production to us and became stress-free!

The Challenge:

Ms. Kate was endowed with the responsibility to manufacture a new cosmetic product for the South African market. The product had a high production cost and she needed a plan to maintain a specific IP process. Using a local manufacturer could prove to be risky, because it would cost more, and also compromise the product IP. This is when she discovered Gaia Trade, we helped her combat this problem.

Our Solution:

Kate had two specific requirements, the first was that the cost of production should be less than 65 ZAR (5 USD) and secondly, she needed to ensure that the IP is protected at all times.

After going through her requirements, we searched through our network of manufacturers and found the best facility for her. We negotiated the terms and secured it with our legal team to ensure Kate’s company IP was protected.

The Results:

Kate is ordering a steady supply of her special cream from India, at times she asks us to check on the facility or pass on a specific message to the unit manager. By outsourcing the production, she earns a minimum of 10% more in the profit.

Key Achievements:

  • Finding and approving manufacturing units for the client’s requirement.
  • Negotiating and finalizing a deal between the customer and manufacturer.
  • Time and money saved without compromising on the quality.
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