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“I am so happy I can afford this treatment.”

Find out how Avi finally got his treatment for the Hepatitis C virus.

The Challenge:

Mr. Avi is our client from Israel. He was diagnosed with Hepatitis C virus, his doctor prescribed him with Sovaldi treatment. After contacting a few pharmacies, he got to know that the orphan product is not available in Israel and the cheapest source is Canada, but that would cost him a whopping 25,000 USD per bottle of 28 pills. Even after getting approved by the FDA, the product would take about one month to be delivered. Also, most of the insurance companies do not cover the cost of this disease in its initial stages. Therefore, Avi was in need of a supplier who could provide him with the required product at an affordable rate.

Avi found us through a simple online search and we agreed to help him.

Our Solution:

Through online research, Avi stumbled upon Gaia Trade. He found out that we offer Indian generic and brand Sovaldi products for less than half the price offered by other suppliers.

Our executives exchanged a few emails and phone calls to ensure that the prescription was valid and to assure Avi that the products offered to him are genuine. We used PayPal as the mode of payment to protect Avi’s transaction. The product was delivered in less than a week and he began his treatment.

The Results:

Avi successfully saved over 15,000 USD in cash and almost two months worth of time, and when it comes to combating certain ailments, time is everything!

Key Achievement:

  • Delivered orphan medicines globally.
  • Provide our client with affordable generic products from India.
  • Premium-quality products with secure web payment gateway.
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