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“I am so happy I don’t have to deal with so many manufacturers and suppliers, it gives me the time to spend on important matters like finding new clients and improve my quality of operation.”

Get to know how Sushil increased his profits and credibility by putting his trust in us.

The Challenge:

Sushil is our client from Nepal. Sushil is a small business owner who was often in the need of pharmaceutical products. He purchased many products from the Indian open market and some of the products were directly purchased from the manufacturers. Although, he ended up incurring a lot of expense. This is owing to his reliance on two exporters for the open market products and each manufacturer exported their own products.

Sushil wanted a solution that would help him grow his business and concentrate on his current clients. He wanted to find new customers and improve the quality of products he supplied. We found an effective solution for this problem.

Our Solution:

Mr. Sushil required large quantities of generic products like amoxicillin and antibiotics. He wanted a cost-effective solution since he is a small-scale business owner. We started by working with him closely and communicating on a daily basis to ensure that neither the price nor the quality of the products was compromised.

By now a pattern was set, the products that were directly obtained from the manufacturers were dispatched with other open market products. He chose us as his main supplier and we agreed on a specific margin. Every purchase bill is shared with him, the client knows exactly how much he is being charged per product. This gives him the assurance that he requires. Once the order is consolidated, we send it to him for approval and then the delivery is carried out. As his orders are rather large in quantity (about 2 ton), it usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks until delivery.

The Result:

Mr. Sushil can now focus completely on his business, he spends time looking for potential clients and also has enough time to maintain a healthy relationship with his current clients. By choosing us, he gets 2 entire days off the week to grow his business.

Key Achievements:

  • Successfully delivered 5 units of paracetamol, 1000 units of injectables, 2 units of Cipla products, 10,000 packages of Abbot, 50,000 boxes of generic tadalafil and 20,000 of the brand Viagra.
  • No task is big or small for us, every client will have his or her requirement met in an efficient manner.
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