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The All China Biotech Conference & Exhibition 2015  (Biotech China 2015)


Date: September 3rd- September 5th,2015


Openning hours:

9:30AM-17:00PM,  Thursday, Sep. 3rd, 2015

9:30AM-17:00PM,  Friday,      Sep. 4th, 2015

9:30AM-14:00PM,  Saturday,  Sep. 5th, 2015



Nanjing International Expo Center  (No.300 Middle Jiangdong Road,Jianye District, Nanjing)


Exhibition Expense:

Please click the “EXHIBITOR” to gain the corresponding information at the home page

Visiting Fee:

Visitors pre register on line will be out of charge.

Visitors register on spot need 50 yuan to enjoy 3-day exhibition


1.  Biological Products

Biological Products and immunochemical amino acid, antigen, blood products, cell / tissue culture, enzyme, monoclonal antibody, nucleotide/oligonucleotide, polyclonal antibody.

Biotechnology and bio based products, bios, cell biology, drug delivery, gene therapy, genomics, immunotherapy,  molecular biology, nano technology, proteomics, Stem cell therapy.

Medical and pharmaceutical hormone, vaccinum, antibiotics, blood factor, growth factor, immune stimulating factor, the immunoassay kit, gene therapy and diagnosis, the human genome project / gene DNA sequencing, development strategy / portfolio analysis, tissue engineering, antisense oligonucleotide treatment, conductor transplantation.


2.  Biological Products Research and Technology

Biotech products, protein engineering, bioanalysis, bioinformatics, downstream processing, cell culture, bioreactor, biomedical research, synthesis and sequencing.

Technical service: Project design/paper outsourcing, cell biology, immunology, biochip, instrument test / repair, molecular organism, microorganism, protein / protein group, Bioinformatics services, experimental animal services.


3.  The pharmaceutical raw materials and processing

crude drug:vitamins,steroids,sulfanilamide grous,analgesic-antipyretic,anesthesia, tetracyclines, amino acid and its derivatives, chloromycetin, digestive system drugs, Other anti infective, penicillins, aminoglycoside, lincomycin, Cardiovascular system drug,other western drugs.

Pharmaceutical intermediates.

Materials and formulations: excipient, flow aid, enteric coating material, antioxygen, edulcorant, transdermal agent, antiseptic, disintegrating agent, coating material, surface active agent, light-screening agent, essence, filter aid, stabilizer, lubricant, plasticizer, resolver, correctant,colorant,clarificant,PH regulator,

Natural extracts: plant extracts, animal extracts, traditional Chinese medicine raw materials, functional food ingredients, health products raw material, nutritional health products raw materials, extender, dietary fiber, cosmetics raw materials.

Raw materials processing equipment.

4.   Instrumentation

Pharmaceutical machinery:raw material medicine machinery,preparation machinery,pharmaceutical packaging machinery, new water equipment for pharmaceutical use, refrigeration plant, cleansing system, fluid equipment, universal equipment.

Biochemical analysis instrument: Biochemical instrument, analysis instrument, laboratory complete equipment, laboratory affiliated equipment, purified water equipment, measurement and test instrument, drug test equipment, laboratory consumables.


5.  Pharmaceutical environmental protection and cleansing technology

Environment protection technology: effluent disposal, tail gas treatment, spoil disposal.

Cleansing technology: clean room frame, clean room equipment,clean products, detecting instrument, purification equipment, cleaning machine, purification facilities,  filter medium, etc.


6.  Drug packaging materials and equipment

Drug packaging materials:medicinal glass bottle, composite material, flexible package, aluminium foil, medicinal plastic bottle, cap, capsule, medicinal hose, hard tube, spray pump packing bag valve, printng, color printing carton, self-adhesive labe,  stainless steel products, prefilled syringes , transport packaging .

Pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment


7.   Industrial Park


8.  Pharmacy facilities

The rotating disc medicine frame,the medicine frame, dispensing table, cabinet, pieces of cabinet, automated tablet dispensing & packaging system, automated counting machine, medicine stripping machine, decoting medicine machine, pharmacy management system etc.


9.  Outsourcing area


10.  Industry Related Comprehensive Area

Biological Fund zone, Consultation, Association, Media, College, Institude etc.


Mealwhile, there are specialied section dedicated for Natural and Nutritional Health Products and Intergrated Biotech.

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