Counterfeit Drugs: The Potential Financial and Health Repercussions

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The steady increase in the manufacturing of counterfeit drugs in the pharmaceutical market, poses a serious threat to the industry. Pharmaceutical wholesalers around the globe are fighting the spread of counterfeit medication and devices that poses a serious threat to business. Many people fall in the trap of the counterfeit medicine manufacturing.

People usually buy these drugs unknowingly, since they are sold at a cheaper rate and many traders do not realise that they are investing in counterfeit medicines, until they are completely invested. The intake of these counterfeit drugs can cause a range of serious health issues, which can even lead to death in certain cases.

It is next to impossible to differentiate some fake pills with originals. They look alike and it can get difficult to identify one from the other. Appearance-wise it can be identical to the original, but in terms of the formulation of the medicines, there is a stark difference. The counterfeit drugs are not usually created in standard conditions and not all ingredients are essentially safe. These drugs have incorrect amounts of active ingredients which can turn out to be dangerous for our health and are even illegal in most countries.

Both brand-name and generic pharmaceuticals are susceptible to counterfeiting. WHO stated in a report that, pharmaceutical drugs as well as medical devices are susceptible to counterfeiting according to the current statistics. Pharmaceutical products like blood glucose test strips, condoms, surgical instruments and contact lenses are some of the common products that are counterfeited by people who take the illegal route.>

Counterfeit Drugs: The Use of Ineffective and Potentially Unsafe Ingredients

Basically, the danger of counterfeit drugs is supposed to be two-fold. Firstly, counterfeit drugs consist of improper quantity of active or inactive ingredients. The consumer is at a high risk in such cases, since it might not deliver the expected results to the patients. Consuming ineffective medicines can only worsens your situation. Using counterfeit medicines can be life-threatening and your illness will be left untreated. Apart from these dangers, you could also invite new diseases and risks to your health. In the pursuit of cheap medicines, you end up messing up your health to a great extent.

Apart from being a threat to a patient’s health, it also poses a serious threat to a country’s economic vitality. A flaw in the supply chain can affect the overall

infrastructure. According to research, counterfeit goods, including pharmaceuticals, have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in lost tax revenue throughout the African continent and other areas. The problem of unpaid taxes is one of the core issues of counterfeit goods. The costs to combat manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit medication and devices can be hefty. This inadvertently affects other areas like public education, healthcare, supply-chain management, security, and technology expenses. One misstep in the distribution channel and it could seriously affect a country economically.

Counterfeit drugs are a threat to a nation and it is the government’s responsibility to prevent miscreants from collapsing the system. It is a wholesaler’s responsibility to check the supplier’s source and strike a deal with them after careful consideration. Have you ever researched before taking a weight loss pill or back pain pill. Did you consult with a medical expert? Was the medication prescription-based or purchased off the market from exporters and pharmaceutical wholesalers who distribute these drugs illegally or take advantage of loopholes in the chain or system.

Doesn’t that sound life-threatening? Undeclared and unapproved pills are sold openly in the market due to lack of stringent monitoring. Once these drugs find their way into the market, people will unknowingly pick these options off the rack or from their local pharmacist. Most people do not read the label, ingredients or check for authorised symbols by the government. These symbols essentially prove that the medicine is safe for use. Nowadays, most pharmaceutical wholesalers are concious about who supplies the medicines and how it is distributed.

If a medicine is sold in a pharmacy, it is not necessarily safe or reliable. It is essential to buy from a reputed pharmaceutical wholesaler in India, to prevent falling for offenders. There are many pharmaceutical wholesalers who strictly adhere to quality and sell at an economical rate. Research is crucial before you choose to collaborate with any exporter or wholesaler. It is time to fight the menace of counterfeit medicines to prevent any health related mishaps.

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