How do you manage a pharmaceutical trade company and stay healthy?

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Managing any company can be challenging and stressful, particularly so within the pharmaceutical sector.

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Smile, relax and enjoy! You are on a roller coaster!

Most of us want to achieve that “perfect balance“ of happy clients, authorities, employees, manufacturers, positive statistics and healthy margins, whilst following procedures and customs regulations. It’s no “walk in the park!”

In some countries, such as India, the supply chain can be a challenge, with unpredictable road conditions and a developing infrastructure. Communication issues can arise… even at the basic level of being able to communicate with a truck driver in the same language.


A Few things I have learned about running a pharmaceutical company:


1. Systems

It is very important to have a system in place for each aspect of your business. It creates structure, clarity, and focused organisation. It ensures that if an employee is sick, on holiday or leaves the company, others can step in to take over quickly and easily, hence maintaining productivity and operational efficiency.


2. Be grateful!

Install the attitude of gratitude within your organisation and towards clients, suppliers and service providers. More than anything it will keep you smiling and make your day more enjoyable.


3. Invest in company culture

The sight of a happy employee is not only emotionally rewarding, but makes good business sense. Do you remember yourself as an employee? How was your experience at the time?

Create a healthy environment and a family atmosphere. Nurture an ethos in which your people feel good and want to work. It will naturally follow that productivity and overall company performance will improve.


Running a pharmaceutical trade company in India or anywhere else is hard work, with hurdles waiting around every corner. From hiring good people, to discovering trusted suppliers or building partnerships with reliable service providers. It is very rewarding to see a company thriving and growing as a result of happy and productive employees, a culture of support and recognition and an expanding portfolio of satisfied clients.


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