The Scandal Of Counterfeit Medications In The Pharmaceutical Industry

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Pharmaceutical industry is a one of a kind industry that functions to provide good health care facilities to people. It operates to produce drugs and medication; therefore it is one of the industries that play an essential role globally. Why is pharmaceutical industry different from other industries? If a medical equipment or drug is faulty in the pharmaceutical industry, it can do major damage and has to be recalled from the market. Unlike other industries, pharmaceutical products play a life and death role in a person’s life.

An authorized pharmaceutical company selling drugs or equipment has to meet standardized quality parameters in order to attain the license to produce the medications and manufacture the equipment. The World Health Organization estimated that around 10% of the entire global pharmaceutical market is exhaustively counterfeit. In some of the countries around the world, WHO estimates that about 25 per cent of the entire pharmaceutical drug supply is counterfeit.

The question is, why and what leads to increase in the growth of counterfeit pharmaceuticals? Here are a few factors that have a huge impact on the growth of counterfeit drug.

  • Amount of profit earned by dealers
  • Ease of production of such products
  • High demand in the market for medicines
  • High costs of the doctors prescribed drugs
  • Practices of relabeling and repackaging of drugs

How To Prevent Importing Counterfeits Drugs From Unreliable Businesses?

You can rest assured when purchasing pharmaceutical products for state-licensed pharmacies or pharmaceutical dealers that adhere to international shipping laws and regulations. They will provide high quality, safe and efficient drugs and equipment. Pharmacists, physicians and other health care experts should be cautious while buying drugs online because those pharmaceutical products may not turn out to be FDA-approved drugs. Here are five tips that will help you select one of the best wholesale generic medicine suppliers:

  • One should not place an order with a pharmaceutical company that is ready to export prescription drugs without a prescription or license.
  • One should inquire with the authorities to see if a particular pharmaceutical dealer has a valid pharmacy license that meets the state quality standards.
  • One should look for privacy and security policies of the pharmaceutical companies that they are dealing with so that you do not end up in any trouble.
  • One should be wise enough to not give personal information to the online pharmaceutical companies unless you are sure about the safety and privacy of your credit card and other highly confidential information.

Now, that you are aware of the pitfalls of this market of counterfeit drugs, be careful while importing drugs from certain pharmaceutical companies. Make sure to select one of the most reputed and licensed wholesale generic medicine suppliers, so that you are ensured import of quality drugs or equipment that are safe for human use.

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