Sanitation And Hygiene Concerns In A Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant

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Sanitation and hygiene are important practices in a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. When it comes to upholding the quality standards of pharmaceutical products, certain hygiene factors have to be upheld. High levels of sanitation and hygiene should be practiced in every aspect of manufacturing pharmaceutical products. From the production process to the personnel working in the plant, every part of the manufacturing plant must go through a exhaustive screening for any sanitation issues. Potential sources of contamination must be eliminated through an effective and comprehensive system of hygiene and sanitation.

A good quality drug must be developed and packaged in an atmosphere that is free from any environmental contamination. The pharmaceutical manufacturing plant should have strict sanitation laws that employees must adhere to in order to assure the drugs are not contaminated by any impurities.

Crucial Hygiene and Sanitation Practices

  • Ensure that the loading and unloading areas for the medicines are cleaned with solutions that are laboratory tested and declared safe by the government.
  • Take a careful look around the premise and check if there are any breeding areas or dirty spots.
  • Ensure that the manufacturing plant is free from any kind of open or stagnant water for hygiene reasons.
  • The floors must be scrubbed and cleaned to avoid the collection of any impurities such as dust. Make sure that the flooring is laid continuous throughout the plant sans any grooves.
  • Ensure that the material of the walls, floors and ceilings are washable.
  • The walkways and storage areas should be cemented in order to reduce the risk of any impurities entering the drug.
  • Ensure that the waste material and unwanted objects are stored in closed areas away from the storage section, so they do not contaminate the drug.

These are just some of the basic sanitation practices that need to be followed by pharmaceutical manufacturing plants to ensure that the drug quality is not affected. The reason why manufacturing plants have to follow these steps is to ensure that the medicines are high quality and ideal for export purposes.

Pharmaceutical wholesalers should check the level of sanitation these manufacturing companies follow before investing in any products. Pharmaceutical wholesalers and dealers, who export pharmaceutical products from India and various other countries, adhere to stringent rules to ensure that they deliver only quality drugs at a competitive rate.

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