Comfora 100 mg

Name Comfora 100 mg
Manufacturer Swati
Category bladder pain and discomfort.
Tags bladder pain and discomfort, Comfora100mg, PENTOSAN POLYSULFATE SODIUM 100M, Swati

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These Comfora (Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium) Capsules is effective in improving the symptoms of patients suffering from IC and provides relief from pain and discomfort. This is the only FDA-approved drug taken orally for bladder pain and discomfort. The usual dosage is 100-mg capsules thrice daily.How Does Comfora Help in IC?The exact mechanism of function of Comfora is not clearly understood. There are several proposed theories by which Comfora is thought to function. It is believed that the drug could repair and heal the damaged parts of the GAG layer in the bladder.Comfora does not cure IC completely; however, it may help in relief of symptoms such as bladder pain, discomfort and urgency in urination.

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