Running a (Pharmaceutical) Company – Finding the “Good Employee”

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This month’s blog tackles the topic of the unexpected difficulties I have encountered in finding and recruiting good employees, and how I have found that I now look less for people with the precise knowledge and skill set required to do the job from the beginning as I do for people with the right qualities…


To be honest, and perhaps I was being naïve or relying too heavily on past experience from other cultures and contexts, I must confess that I had no idea how difficult it would prove to be to find good employees for my pharmaceutical company in the South Goa, India.

I had not, in fact, in all my plans for my business and how to grow it, expected the task of recruiting good employees to be an issue. Not at all.

But I have found that it is precisely when it comes to the challenge of growing my pharmaceutical company, that finding and recruiting and keeping – in other words, surrounding myself with – good employees is so essential.

The reality is that if I don’t have enough good people to lighten the daily operational load from my shoulders, I can’t focus enough of my time on exploring new possibilities or evaluating, and, where necessary, improving current practice. I need good people around me to grow my company. It’s that simple.

The question then, is what is the “good employee?” For me, the good employee is a good person. For me, that means a person who is honest, responsible, always prepared for and happy to work – a person who others can rely on. And a person I can depend on.

It is my responsibility to create the best possible working environment: positive, supportive, and with possibilities for professional development; in return, I need employees who have the same commitment to doing their jobs to the very best of their abilities.

So now, when I am looking for new employees to join my pharmaceutical company, I am guided by the maxim above: that the “good employee” is a good person.

I find myself looking, first and foremost, for good people, as opposed to people with the precise knowledge and skill set required to do the job from the beginning, and then to train them to do the job at hand, as well as to tailor the job, as far as possible, to fit them, and their particular strengths.

This is my strategy for finding “the good employee.” Surrounding myself with good employees is vital to developing and growing my company. And, as we all know, any company is only as good as its employees.



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