Scrupulous, Cautious, Conscientious Pharmaceutical trade company

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The Scrupulous and competent Pharmaceutical Trade Company:

GAIA Trade.


GAIA Trade is most veritable amongst several Pharmaceutical Companies across the country. The firm has its firm and strong roots in the soothing and relaxing ambience of Goa, India. Specialized in the art of trade of medicines and pharmaceutical products of Indian origin to the wholesalers of the same worldwide, especially Western countries. It is a global company that offers quality products at competitive prices.

The firm was developed to cater to the continually increasing and inflating demands from the customers of European Countries and the clients from the United States of America. GAIA Trade exports world class Pharmaceutical equipments, surgical equipments and Medical accessories.

Pharmaceutical business is often treated and considered as one of the most boring and monotonous business or activity to pursue because it requires sheer concentration and utter seriousness towards the work as it is directly related to the life of humans and animals for whom the medicines are to be prepared. But, at GAIA the term BALANCE and MANAGEMENT are eminent and illustrious.

The firm tries to instill in the working process the policy of Maximum System In Place, wherein it strives for maintaining a system for each aspect of your business, trying to inculcate professionalism and throw out the loose edges to create a prominent structure, clarity and a focused organization. At GAIA, being Grateful to the customers, is one of the most authentic policies that they possess. It believes in keeping an attitude of generosity and gratitude towards the customers, even if they are your regular customers, suppliers or so, because they entrust, such small gestures keep the employees smiling and happy as well. The employers and firm truly believe in Investing in Company Culture, i.e. to make their make employees feel equally special and important.

Excelling in International trade, the firm offers products from India, EU and Canada, endowing high quality products and services, be the order of any size or volume. The products are supplied from multi manufacturers and worldwide locations. Mainly, all the products are sourced from Indian Pharmaceutical FDA authorized wholesalers or directly from the manufacturer.

The process of import – export of the products is done with due care and security. It takes care of the temperature control specifically. Due consideration is given to the rules and regulations of the country from where the goods are being sent or coming from. Documents tractability is also taken due care of.

With a diverse and proficient team, speaking several languages for the convenience and satisfaction of the customers, the firm, GAIA has eventually proved its throne and is the most IMPECCABLE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY.



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