Tender – OLANZAPINE 10MG I.M INJ – 12,000 inj

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Gaia Trade is looking for a suitable pharmaceutical trade company or manufacturer to bid for the tender below.





1. Each Product should contain one batch only per shipment.

2. Please indicate in your quotation the name and country of the manufacture and

In which countries the item is registered and marketed.

3. Each package must contain Patient insert in English.

4. Ampoules – The following information must appear on each ampoule and on the outer

Package: Name of product and generic name, dosage and administration in Latin, exp. date

and batch number.

5. Please also provide a scanned copy of the outer package as well as a hardcopy of the label on

The vial/ampoule. Alternatively, if this is not possible, we ask that you specify the details

Which appear on the label and package in writing.



Quotation should be submitted in import terms prices or in local stock prices

1. DELIVERY: Starting from December, 2014.

2. PAYMENT: 60 days from date of AWB or B/L.

3. EXPIRY DATE: Please quote with longest expiry date.

Please indicate the expiration on offer.

4. Import terms Offer must include all of the following:

a) SHIPMENT: By Air / Sea

b) PRICE: Please quote on all following price bases:

I) EX-WORKS- Inclusive of packing and handling.

II) D.D.U- Delivery Duty Unpaid.

c) Shipping Gross Weight and Volume of all items quoted for.

d) Harmonized Tariff.

e) Country of Origin: (Please indicate whether EUR-1 Form or U.S.A. Certificate of

Origin is available).

f) Name and Address of the Manufacturer

g) Dispatch from: (Location for pick-up by our Forwarder).

Offer that refers to a local stock will take under consideration paragraphs e-f only.

5. CLOSING DATE: Your quotation, with the attached documents, should be sent

No later than 12:00 pm on December 08th, 2014.

6. The company is not bound to award order to the lowest bidder or to any bidder under this R.F.Q.

We reserve the right to take into consideration when awarding the winner also the following criterions:

Expiry date, Availability, presentation clarity of the product, product’s viscosity, product’s storage,

Packaging and other relevant professional requirements according to our needs or our customers


In addition, we reserve the right to cancel this request in whole or in part, or split order among several suppliers.

7. The company is entitled to negotiate prices and terms with bidders whose offers will be found


8. The quotation shall be binding upon the bidder for the period of 60 days.

9. Seller is liable for and undertakes, at its sole expense and responsibility, to deal with all the

Formalities required and to obtain all necessary licenses, permits and other authorizations which

May be needed by seller’s country authorities for the exportation of the goods.

10. We reserves the right to extend the engagement with the winning supplier each year for up

to 3 additional years.

11. It is to clarify that the quantities specified in the proposal submission form – Appendix A are

Evaluation and/or assessment only and might be increased or reduced upon the needs of the

Hospitals. Notwithstanding The prices stated in the submission form will remain with no change

For the complete duration of the contract and its extensions according to the terms of this tender.

12. Final purchase quantity will be determined according to price and expiry date offered.

13. Purchase is conditional on the unavailability of a registered product or if un-registered and

Is subject to the authorization of the Ministry of Health.




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